Fremantle Customs Brokers are a team of fully licensed Customs Brokers. Members of the CBFCA (Custom Broker Forwarding Council of Australia) and Quarantine Accredited. Save your business time, money and stress. Let our highly experienced team handle your international cargo. From shipping to customs clearance, all the way to delivery to your door.

Fremantle Customs Brokers are also now part of A.Hartrodt Australia Pty Ltd. A. hartrodt have over 100 offices worldwide so they can offer you the complete logistics solution from door-to-door.

The red tape of customs clearance regulations and Quarantine clearance can be very daunting. That’s why Fremantle Customs Brokers have always been the trusted name in Perth, Western Australia for your customs clearance needs.  Get your shipment cleared right, the first time, every time.

Based in Fremantle, we specialise in the customs clearance of commercial cargo coming into Western Australia.  However we can also arrange customs clearance Australia wide.  We are also Customs Brokers for clients who want to import/export aircraft, boats, vehicles, machinery and personal effects shipments.

Services Fremantle Customs Brokers offer:

Customs Broker

What is a Customs Broker?

The Customs Act provides that only the owner of goods or a customs broker licensed by the CEO of Customs can submit an import declaration to import those goods. Because of the complexity of the laws governing the importation of goods into Australia and the potential financial and other implications of lodging an incorrect entry, most importers of goods choose to engage a customs broker to act on their behalf.

The Customs Act deems a declaration made by a customs broker on behalf of an owner of goods as made with the knowledge and consent of the owner.

A Customs Broker works as an intermediary between the importer, Customs and Quarantine. They have the license to lodge an import declaration on the importers behalf and the knowledge to ensure a smooth importation of your broker

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